Tencel   (Lyocell)


Tencel fabric is an amazing eco friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles.

Tencel is a natural, man made fibre which is also referred to as Lyocell.

Note : (TENCEL®, is a registered trademarks of Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft in Austria).

Made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, tencel textiles are created though the use of nanotechnology in an award-winning closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions.

Though it’s certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council and 100% biodegradable, perhaps the greatest benefits are the variety and exceptional comfort you can experience with tencel duvet covers.


Main characteristics of Tencel are :

  • extreme soft

  • absorbent

  • very strong when wet or dry and ....

  • resistant to wrinkels

We also created a fabric of a mix of stonewashed 30% Tencel and 70% cotton. This fabric has has a more casual and comfortable look.

Link to introduction Video

from Lenzing Fibers | Austria

 Belgian Linen

For centuries flax has been grown and transformed into linen throughout Belgium. The unique climate and the expertise of the Belgian artisans, explains the superior quality of their linen.

Linen has a unique combination of properties; lasting durability, unrivalled comfort and rich color absorption. The more it is used, the more beautifully it ages and gets a unique patine. It is highly absorbent, lint-free and non allergenic.

Flax is inherently ecological as it requires no irrigation and very little chemical treatment. Every part of the plant has value, eliminating any waste. Flax is biodegradable and is now commonly recycled. No other fiber can offer this unique blend of a truly natural product, with elegance and amazing comfort. It is the most natural and environment-friendly choice for dressing oneself and one's home.

 Blend of 50% Bamboo and 50% Cotton

Bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly source for fabric. When growing, bamboo does not require any pesticides, irrigation or fertilisers to enhance its growth. It has a natural anti-bacterial that grows within it. It is 100% biodegradable and is the fastest growing plant on the planet, with some records showing a growth of almost 120cm in a 24hr period.


Bamboo fabric is one of the most ecological and economical products available today and many believe that because bamboo is long lasting, super soft, aesthetically pleasing, economical and ecological, that it is the “Fabric of the Future”.

Bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton, which makes it the perfect fabric to use in our Home Linen.

Since Bamboo is so extremely soft, fabrics of 100% Bamboo is not as strong as Cotton. In order to make it "the best of both" we made a blend of 50% bamboo and 50% Cotton. Supersoft and durable !

Handmade HemStitch

The white duvet cover "broidery" is handmade by traditional workers. This traditional skill can be viewed in detail in the next video. 

 SateenCotton 300TC

One of our favourite fabrics is the SateenCotton with 300 ThreadCounts.

It gives our products an elegant and soft appearance as well as a long wearing durability.

  • Our SateenCotton Duvet Covers and Fitted Sheets are made from 100% cotton with lustrous sheen. They are woven from long-fiber cotton threads which are more durable, but also gives our Bedlinen their beautifull sheen.

  • Benefits of SateenCotton. Because of the mercerizing process (This is treatment for cotton threads that strengthens them and gives them a lustrous appearance, resist mildew, also making them a good choice for persons suffering from allergies.

Since 2016 we also now use Stonewashed SateenCotton 300TC. Stonewashing helps to increase the softness and flexibility of the fabric. This technology softens the SateenCotton and loosens the weave, resulting the washed bed linen to have a slightly faded fabric with a vintage feel on dyed colors. Stonewashed bed linen has a more casual and comfortable look.


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